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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive and should save you time in dealing with your enquiry.

Remote invigilation (February 2019)

What is remote invigilation (RI)?

Remote invigilation is when an exam is sat online in a suitable location of the candidate’s choice using a PC or laptop with access to a webcam, instead of at a test centre or exam hall.

So instead of a candidate travelling to a venue to sit their exam, they can sit this from another location, as long as they have uninterrupted internet connectivity.

The candidate is connected to a live invigilator who will check that the right candidate is sitting the exam and will monitor the candidate for the duration of the exam to provide technical support as needed and to ensure no cheating occurs. As with online exams, results will be provided immediately.

Where can I find out more?

These FAQs should address any questions you have on remote invigilation. Further information can also be found on the remote invigilation page.

Is there a demo available for remote invigilation?

View the video demo. Please note that some details may differ for CII exams (e.g. acceptable ID) please check the remote invigilation page for all requirements.

You must check if your equipment is suitable here. IMPT: Scroll down the equipment test page and fill out the form to connect to a Help Desk Technician requesting a full system check. 

Is there a demo available for the online exam?

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the online exam interface ahead of your exam. Please note this currently only works in Internet Explorer.

What technical/equipment will be required?

To sit a remote invigilation exam you will need to be in a room alone with internet connectivity, a pc or laptop with a microphone and speakers and access to a webcam. As mentioned above, you must ensure that you check your system meets the requirements here. IMPT: Scroll down the equipment test page and fill out the form to connect to a Help Desk Technician requesting a full system check.

You must use Chrome or Firefox.  Safari is not compatible with CII testing software.

Please make sure that you are using the current version of your browser and have downloaded the ProctorU extension available here for Chrome or here for Firefox.

You must check your system requirements before you book a remote invigilation exam and must also check again once your booking has been confirmed.

You must check your system requirements before you book a remote invigilation exam and must also check again once your booking has been confirmed.

Once your exam has been booked you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to your booking information within the “Bookings and Results” section of your “MyCII” account. You should click on the “Access Your Exam” link which will contain important information relating to your exam, including instructions on how to check your system requirements. If you experience technical or internet connectivity issues during the exam, the CII cannot provide any technical support. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the capability to sit an exam using remote invigilation prior to booking.

Which units can be sat by remote invigilation?

The following units which are available to sit internationally are available via remote invigilation: AWP, AWB, AWF, W01, W04 and WH1. These units are available for non-UK candidates only. We will extend this to other units and to the UK in due course. We are currently working with our provider to enable us to offer this more widely.

Can I choose the date and time when I sit?

To ensure an invigilator is available, you must book your remote invigilation exam in advance. Sittings are available Monday to Friday. Applications for exam entry can be accepted from four months to four working days before the day of the exam you wish to sit.

How do I book a remote invigilation exam?

On our website. From the shop page select the option to book you exam now. You will see the option to select remote invigilation if available for your chosen unit. Please ensure you follow the links to test your equipment within the shop page first before placing your order.

Are there any restrictions on the room where I want to sit my exam?

You must be alone in a quiet room with uninterrupted internet access when you sit your exam. Once connected to your invigilator you will be asked to show them around the room via your webcam. You must bring a mirror or mobile phone to the exam with you, the reflective surface will be used so you can show the edges of your monitor to your invigilator (NB. You will be required to remove your mobile phone before the exam starts). This is to ensure that you are alone, have no notes in the room and that there is no supporting information that you can access beyond what is allowed in your exam.

The lighting in your room must be of daylight quality and overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not possible, please make sure that your light source is not directly behind you as this will make it difficult for your invigilator to see you.

Further information and full rules can be found at the remote invigilation page and in the terms and conditions.

How much does it cost to sit an exam by remote invigilation?

There will be an additional fee of £25.00 to sit your exam by remote invigilation. This is in addition to your enrolment or exam resit fee.

Why is it more expensive to sit a remote invigilation exam?

Remote invigilation is conducted using a specialist invigilation service. This use of technology overhauls what can be an inflexible exams process. The service requires one invigilator to oversee a maximum of two candidates at any one time, therefore the cost per candidate for remote invigilation is higher than that at a test centre. Remote invigilation provides a convenient experience for candidates, saving considerable time and money that you would otherwise have to spend in traveling to an exam centre. Additionally, remote invigilation provides a secure and accurate record of the examination.

What are my cancellation rights?

Your cancellation rights are the same as those for any other CII multiple choice exams. As a reminder, they can be found here.

I’m already booked for an exam. Can I change this to a remote invigilation exam?

If you are entered for an exam which is available on remote invigilation before or in April 2019, you have until 27/02/2019 to change your entry to remote invigilation. You will be required to pay an additional £25.00 fee.

If you decide to upgrade to remote invigilation after 27/02/2019 normal changes to entry and cancellation rules apply and can be found here.

I’m a corporate customer, how can I enter my employees on to a remote invigilation exam?

We have not extended remote invigilation exams to corporate customers with a corporate online testing centre because:

  1. a) remote invigilation is not a replacement for corporate online centres
  2. b) remote invigilation currently requires the use of “Log Me In” software and it is unlikely that corporate customers will whitelist this software on corporate equipment.

However, if you are a company paying for an employee and they would like to sit in a suitable location on suitable equipment then you are welcome to pay the additional fee to enter them for a remotely invigilated exam.

How will you confirm my entry?

You will receive an email confirming your exam entry. Please ensure that you read this carefully. It will direct you to a compulsory check of your equipment to be conducted before the exam.

How do I access my exam on the day?

Your confirmation email will contain a link to “My CII”, use this or log into “My CII” directly. Click on the “Access Your Exam” link beside your scheduled exam within the “Booking and results” section of “My CII” where you will see the “Start Exam” button. Click this to access your exam 5 minutes before the date and time indicated. A start button will appear two minutes before your scheduled start time. You will not be able to access your exam any earlier than this.

You should log in 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Please note: it will take up to 30 minutes to set the exam up and undertake the required checks.

You may not be allowed to take your exam if you are late logging in.

What if I am running late and have missed my start time?

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your exam it will be cancelled, you will not receive a refund and you will need to re-book via MyCII.

What happens if I am unable to sit my RI exam as a result of:

Technical issues

You must check your system meets the requirements before your exam. However, if there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from being able to sit your exam you should contact us with the full details and we will consider on a case by case basis. The CII are not liable for candidates’ equipment or internet connection being at fault.


If you are unable to sit your exam due to medical reasons you must submit supporting medical evidence within two months of the exam date. Your medical evidence will be reviewed and if sufficient we will allow you to sit your exam at a further date of your choice at no additional fee.

Change in circumstances

Please be reminded of your cancellation rights. If you are unable to sit your exams due to extenuating personal circumstances, please provide details and we will consider this on a case by case basis.

How do I report a technical issue during my exam?

You will be connected to a live invigilator for the duration of your exam. Should you experience any technical issues please either verbally alert your invigilator via your webcam or send them a message. They’ll do their very best to help you resolve the issue.

What happens if I am disturbed/interrupted during my exam?

You must be alone in a quiet room for duration of your exam, with no interruptions or disturbances. The invigilator has the right to stop an exam if you are interrupted during it and the CII retain the right to investigate and potentially void your results.

How/when will I receive my exam results?

Your result will be available immediately as soon as you have completed your exam, this will appear on screen. Your results will also be available on My CII on the fifth working day following your exam.

Am I able to take a comfort break during my exam?

Candidates are expected to complete the exam without a break. In the case of urgent necessity during the exam time, you must let the invigilator know. Additional scans will be required, and no additional time will be given. We will investigate and your results may be withheld or voided if necessary.

Can I take food and drink to the exam?

No food may be taken or consumed in the room where you are taking your exam. You may take a bottle of water or similar to the exam, however the label must be removed. Should you require food and drink in the exam based on medical reasons, we’d ask that you notify us by applying for a reasonable adjustment.

How do I arrange reasonable adjustments for my remote invigilation exam?

We are committed to ensuring that all assessments are accessible and will work with you to identify how best to access an assessment. Further details on how to make an application can be found here.