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Technical articles | 11 Jul 2013
Investing used to be about equities for growth and bonds for income and stability. But it seems behaviour has changed in recent years, as the global financial crisis and the collapse of equity markets in 2008 still cast a long shadow over markets. There is evidence that investors still fear...
Technical articles | 03 Oct 2013
We are beginning to see the end of the usefulness of the phrase Emerging Markets. It's been a tough few years for this broad classification of economies. Although the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) originated in and affected the Developed Markets initially, Emerging Market economies were jus...
News items | 19 Nov 2012
Praveen Gupta discusses the changing landscape of insurance distribution and calls for a more sustainable strategy for emerging markets like India to prevent mis-selling.
Technical articles | 01 May 2011
A few years ago I was chairing a conference on the topic of investing for retirement. Alongside the expected array of income and bond managers was a group extolling the virtues of committing your retirement pot solely to their Global Emerging Market funds. Their arguments were simple and we...
Technical articles | 27 Nov 2018
Markets are volatile. They move up and down. Always have; always will. Whenever markets fall, commentators concoct stories to explain exactly why they’ve fallen – stories that are often alarming and are frequently complete inventions, with no basis in fact. Usually, it’s best to ignore the headli...
Technical articles | 23 Jan 2018
Global growth can easily be described as ‘humming’ and the world seems to have confidence in that growth, be that trade led or domestically driven through consumption. It’s also synchronised – it’s taking place in each of the major regions of the world, which is even more positive for financial m...
Technical articles | 31 Aug 2016
The real difficulty is not in predicting whether markets will react or how they react, but by how much they will react. In July last year, the population of Greece voted to reject the bailout terms proposed by the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central...
- None - | 09 Oct 2015
Of course all markets are far from being the same, but there is a belief that there is considerable correlation amongst equity markets when it comes to performance. At times this is undoubtedly true. In the autumn of 2008, as an example, all markets fell together as investors deserted equit...
01 Nov 2013
With macro developments driving investment outcomes more than ever before, financial advisers are finding themselves on the front line in the battle to help investors navigate volatile markets and achieve their financial goals.
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